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Recent Events

I aim to have all photos from events where I have been the official photographer fully uploaded within 24 hours of the event. Please do bear with me as usually I do have to go straight from the event and see to my own Queen Mare before getting home! :)

All photographs across the site are available to purchase if you spot one that you want!. Contact me via the get in touch and I can draw up an invoice as per your requirement. 

Photos are resized for the purposes of putting on the website, otherwise it would take a long time to upload.
Photographs will be cropped and centred before being sent whether as a digital file or as a print. A small level of editing is also done where needed to adjust lightness etc. 

Price List:

Social Media (lower resolution) digital file                                            £5
High Res digital file                                                                              £10

6 X 8 inch mounted print                                                                     £15         plus £3 postage
Combo package - print as above and same photo hi res digital file     £25         plus £3 postage

Event photos are now available for viewing and purchase via the following link:

All photos from events where I have been the official photographer from July 2022 onwards will be available through the the client galleries found through this link.
click on the event album below and it will take you straight to the album and galleries for each event. 

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