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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Well that is a wrap for me on 2021's eventing season. Askham Bryan Horse Trials has always been a favourite event of mine, and a bonus point is that it is close to home!

Once again they put on a fantastic event and the weather even behaved with Sunday turning into a glorious day of autumnal sunshine. I really love this time of year for photography at events, there is something about the sun in autumn that picks out the finest features of the horses as they jump, pounce, climb and fly over the jumps. I get so excited when I review a photo, zoom in, and see the veins, count what hole the girth is on, see the expressions of the horses and the riders!

Askham Bryan College is yet another of these beautiful locations that we as an eventing community are blessed to have access to and we need to do everything we can to preserve and maintain these relationships. This is an event I have long aspired to compete at myself. I am determined that me and my girl Rosie will get there someday!

To all those volunteers and those who spend so much time organising these events, thank you so much, truly you are amazing. And to the competitors, thank you for your excitement, bravery, determination and enthusiasm. Not only do you make for some awesome photos with your beautiful horses, but you also inspire me every time I see you; and I am not just talking about the professional riders, I am talking about the one horse/two horse people, aspiring amateurs and everything in between, you are all awesome!

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